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Официальный визит королевской четы Великобритании в Германию, день 1

Начался официальный трехдневный визит британской королевы Елизаветы ІІ и принца Филиппа в ФРГ. Сегодня утром королева с супругом встретились с Федеральным президентом Йоахимом Гауком и его супругой Даниэлой Шадт и вместе с ними покаталась на лодках по реке Шпрее. Позже королевская чета встретилась с канцлером Ангелой Меркель и королева приняла участие в церемонии возложения венка к мемориале Нойе-Вахе в Берлине.

Трехдневный государственный визит британской королевы проходит на фоне стремлений Великобритании добиться поддержки Германией списка реформ ЕС, предлагаемого Лондоном. Премьер-министр Великобритании Дэвид Кэмерон также должен встретиться с Меркель 24 июня в преддверии саммита Евросоюза, назначенного на конец текущей недели.

Елизавета II остановится в роскошном пятизвездочном отеле «Адлон», где ранее при посещении Германии жил король поп-музыки Майкл Джексон. Ориентировочная цена за ночь в номере президентского класса составляет около 15 тысяч евро.

Ранее Королевская чета Великобритании посещала Германию с государственными визитами в 1965, 1978, 1992 и 2004 гг.

Official portrait: The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are flanked by Germany's First Lady Daniela Schadt (left) and President Gauck (right)

Warm welcome: The Queen is ushered inside the Chancellery for a cup of tea by a smiling Chancellor Angela Merkel

Starting off: The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh leave the Hotel Adlon, which overlooks the Brandenburg Gate, ahead of their first visit

En route: The Queen listens to the Duke of Edinburgh during the short ride from central Hotel Adlon to the Schloss Bellevue

View from the top: A photo taken from the window of the Schloss Bellevue offers a bird's eye view of the welcome ceremony

Heading inside: Afterwards, the Queen and President Gauck made their way into the Schloss Bellevue for a private discussion

Grand tour: After the red carpet photos, the Queen was shown into the Schloss Bellevue's gardens for the welcome ceremony

Royal salute: The Queen then received a salute from the commander before God Save The Queen was played by the band

Inspecting the troops: The ceremony began with the Queen inspecting her honour guard of German troops

Grand tour: After the red carpet photos, the Queen was shown into the Schloss Bellevue's gardens for the welcome ceremony

Signing on the line: The Queen signs the guest book at the Schloss Bellevue watched by President Gauck of Germany and Prince Philip

Looking lovely: The Queen was resplendent in an ivory Angela Kelly ensemble last seen during the Diamond Jubilee river pageant in 2012

First stop: The artistic difference of opinion came as the Queen met the German president and his partner of 15 years, Daniela Schadt (in red)

Friendly: Luckily, the artistic differences were soon resolved and the Queen enjoyed a pleasant chat with Germany's President Joachim Gauck

Repeat: In 1965, the Duke of Edinburgh (pictured inspecting the artwork) likened modern painting to daubs produced in children's art lessons

Unimpressed: Asked whether she recognised her father George VI in this painting, the Queen swiftly replied: 'No!'

Meeting the crowds: The Queen and President Gauck of Germany chat to the crowds outside the Scloss Bellevue in Berlin

Tribute: The boat used for the occasion, the Ajax, was built and launched in 1926 - the year that Her Majesty was born

Taking ship: The Queen and Prince Philip sail down the River Spree accompanied by President Joachim Gauck and his partner Daniela Schadt

Looking around: The royal couple were given a tour of the sights by President Gauck who cheerfully pointed out the major landmarks

Royal wave: The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh used the occasion to wave at the huge crowds of well-wishers lining the river bank

Pleased: The Duke of Edinburgh looked particularly delighted by the reception and spent the journey smiling and waving at the crowds

Enjoying the applause: The Queen looks up at well-wishers peering down from a bridge during her cruise up the River Spree

All smiles: The Queen beams as she shakes hands with Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin this morning

Interest: The moment was captured by hundreds of German camera lenses - the visit has prompted huge excitement in the country

Poignant: The memorial, which was built in 1816 and turned into a memorial in 1931, is the focus of November's People's Day of Mourning

Paying her respects: The Queen leaves a red, white and blue tribute to victims of war and dictatorship at the Neue Wache memorial in Berlin

Solemn: The moment came as the first full day of the Queen's historic state visit to Germany got underway

Remembrance: The Queen, who lived through World War II herself, pauses in contemplation after laying the wreath

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