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Питер и Зара Филлипс с семьями посетили The Festival of British Eventing 2015

В пятницу, 7 августа, Питер Филлипс вместе с супругой Отэм и дочерьми Саванной и Айлой, Зара Филлипс вместе с дочерью Мией, а также бывший муж принцессы Анны Марк Филлипс посетили The Festival of British Eventing 2015 в Гэткомб-парке в Глостершире.

On the go: The mother-of-one was laid back in some blue jeans, trainers and a body warmer for the event

Girl time: Mia was adorable in a pair of denim dungarees and some yellow sandals as she was carried around

Glamour: Later the 34-year-old was joined by her sister-in-law, Autumn Phillips, who was dressed elegantly in a green blouse and white jeans 

Style vs comfort: While Zara kept her trainers on throughout the event, Autumn wore a pair of wedged sandals

Taking it in: The sisters-in-law chatted and were seen pointing around the show as they enjoyed the event 

Loving: The 37-year-old planted a tender kiss on her niece's head as they took in the day's events on Friday

Саванна Филлипс

Айла Филлипс

Zara carried her phone as she walked around the event

The 34-year-old wore her hair tied off her face

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