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Семьи графа Уэссекского и Зары Филлипс посетила The Festival of British Eventing

Сегодня, 8 августа, принц Эдвард вместе с супругой Софи и детьми Луизой и Джеймсом, Зара Филлипс с мужем Майком и дочерью Мией, а также Отэм Филлипс и бывший муж принцессы Анны Марк Филлипс, посетили второй день фестиваля The Festival of British Eventing 2015 в Гэткомб-парке в Глостершире.

Family: Zara holds daughter Mia, one, as husband Mike Tindall watches on at The Festival of British Eventing

Busy: This is the second day little Mia has been spotted out and about with her sport parents

Stylish: The toddler was sporting a straw hat and a pretty yellow pinafore top with white shorts

Close: The Tindalls were joined by Zara's cousin Lady Louise Windsor and sister-in-law Autumn Phillips

Safety first: Captain Phillips has revealed he still sees his eldest daughter as the family 'wild child'

Limelight: But it was grandpa Mark Phillips who really stole the show, taking part in a stunt on a quad bike

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