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Графиня Уэссекская сыграла в хоккей на траве

Сегодня, 28 апреля, графиня Уэссекская Софи в Беркшире встретилась со сборной Англии по хоккею на траве и даже приняла участие в хоккейном матче.

The Countess of Wessex joined the England hockey team on the pitch today in Bisham Abbey

She appeared to struggle when it came to getting to grips with the game

The wife of Prince Edward looked the part in a pair of neon on trainers

Sophie Wessex could be seen gasping and looking embarrassed after hitting the ball this morning 

The countess put in a stonking effort despite her lack of experience on the pitch

She was pictured posing with the team who were kitted out in their red hockey strip for today's occasion

Sophie was likely glad of the 32 strong team's company as she conducted her official engagement alone this morning

The countess appears to giggle following another ball strike

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