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Королева Елизавета посетила колледж "Goodenough College"

Вчера, 1 декабря, королева Елизавета посетила в центре Лондона колледж "Goodenough College", который является независимой образовательной благотворительной организации, которая обеспечивает безопасную и благоприятную среду для местных и иностранных студентов.

She shook the hands of officials who stood to greet her as she arrived outside the college 

As always the royals was greeted by a guard as she stepped from her car in front of well wishers who stood to greet her

The Queen's sunny disposition may be explained by the news that she is expecting another great grandchild 

The Queen was all smiles as she arrived at Goodenough College in London this afternoon

A fencer curtsys as she meets the Queen during her visit on Thursday afternoon 

The Queen could barely take her smile off her face as she greeted members of the college 

She looked impressed by one woman's traditional dress while they chatted this afternoon

While at the college, that provides support to international postgraduate students, the Queen made plenty of young friends 

The Queen seemed thrilled with the touching gift

One charming young man presented a bouquet of heather to her majesty this afternoon

Despite the winter weather settling in, the monarch added some sunshine to her engagement in a bright yellow jacket 

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