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Герцогиня Корнуольская нарядила елку вместе с больными детьми

14 декабря Камилла герцогиня Корнуольская вместе с неизлечимо больными детьми - пациентами хосписа "Helen and Douglas House" - нарядила Рождественскую елку в Кларенс-хаусе.

The Duchess of Cornwall went into 'full grandmother mode' this afternoon as she invited youngsters with both serious and terminal illnesses into her home at Clarence House

Ronnie Edwards, who suffers from the bleeding disorder ITP, attended the event with his mother Stephanie 

Camilla even arranged for Ronnie to have a bowl of tomato ketchup brought in from her kitchen to have with his sausages and mash

Dressed in a festive jumper Ronnie was the perfect helped for the Duchess to decorate her tree

The children were helping Camilla to decorate her Christmas tree in her royal abode 

'You tell me where you want me to put it,' said the duchess to Violet Webster (pictured), who was born with a hole in her heart

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