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Королева Максима посетила Берлин

Сегодня королева Нидерландов Максима в качестве Специального Адвоката Генерального секретаря ООН по вопросам инклюзивного финансирования посетила с однодневным рабочим визитом столицу Германии - Берлин. Ее Величество посетила Федеральное министерство финансов, где встретилась с федеральным министром экономического сотрудничества и развития Гердом Мюллером и министром Вольфгангом Шойбле.

The Dutch royal met with German Federal Minister of Development Gerd Mueller as she arrived

The pair seemed to be getting along well as they spoke together at the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation in Berlin

Well known for her expressive face the mother-of-three seemed to be in high spirits this afternoon 

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands looked elegant as she stepped out in a statement jacket as she visited German Federal Ministry of Finance in Berlin on Wednesday 

The royal later removed her jacket to showcase a more demure rose dress as she met with German Federal Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schaeuble

Maxima spoke passionately to the minister as she could be using exaggerated hand gestures to express herself

The Argentinian born royal is an expert when it comes to all things financial as she is UN secretary special advocate for inclusive finance for development

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