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Официальный визит наследной пары Швеции в Италию, день 1

Сегодня, 15 декабря, кронпринцесса Швеции Виктория вместе с мужем принцем Даниэлем прибыли с трехдневным официальным визитом в Италию. За эти три дня пара посетит Рим и Милан. В первый день визита, Виктория и Даниэль посетили Палату депутатов Италии в Риме (Camera dei deputati), где встретились с председателем Лаурой Больдрини. Позже пара посетила родной дом (монастырь?) Святой Бригитты Шведской и встретилась с футболистами ФК "Рома".


Firm friends: The pair appeared to be getting along famously as they shared a joke before leaving the building on Thursday afternoon


The group smile for a final photograph to mark their visit, before Victoria and Daniel are due to fly to Milan as their trip comes to a close this weekend

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, centre, joins her husband Prince Daniel along with with Laura Boldrini, President of the Chamber of Deputies, right, on an official visit to Rome

The royal couple pose for a photograph with Laura Boldrini before departing the building

victoria daniel rom ste


The pair looked happy and relaxed as they met with Laura Boldrini, President of the Chamber of Deputies of Italy ( Camera dei deputati ) in the opulent building in Rome

Whistlestop tour: Victoria and Daniel, who are proud parents to Princess Estelle, four, and Prince Oscar, nine months, will move onto Milan before returning to Stockholm on Saturday

Their Italian trip comes after  Victoria and her four-year-old daughter, Princess Estelle were presented with seven trees at the Royal Palace in Stockholm on Wednesday

After their trip, the royal family will attend a slew of concerts to attend in the Swedish capital as well as a formal gathering of the Swedish Academy

Princess of fashion! Princess Victoria of Sweden stunned in a mushroom-coloured coat dress

victoria3 ibl

Kronprinsessan Victoria besökte fotbollsklubben AS Roma under torsdagen. Foto: Sven Lindwall

victoria daniel ste
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