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Британская королевская семья посетила Рождественский обед в Букингемском дворце

Сегодня, 20 декабря, в Букингемском дворце состоялся традиционный Рождественский обед который посетили члены британской королевской семьи.

It's a family affair! William drives to Kensington Palace with his brother Harry, wife Kate and son Prince George for the Queen's annual Christmas lunch 

Prince Harry managed to hitch a ride with his brother William who was behind the wheel, while his wife Kate sat in the back seat

Eagle-eyed royal watchers may have caught a brief glimpse of Princess Charlotte who appeared to be sitting to the left of her mother in the back seat 

Prince Harry is still looking a little downcast after saying goodbye to his Toronto-based girlfriend Meghan Markle 

Prince George, centre, is already very excited about Christmas and has been ripping open his presents, his dad the Duke of Cambridge has revealed

Eagle-eyed royal watchers may have caught a brief glimpse of Princess Charlotte who appeared to be sitting to the left of her mother in the back seat 

Harry hitches a lift! The Duke of Cambridge got behind the wheel to drive his wife and brother to Buckingham Palace 

The Duchess of Cornwall looked elegant in a blue tartan jacket and her favourite pearls as she joined her husband Prince Charles at the family celebration

Zara Tindall arrived at the Queen's annual pre-Christmas lunch in a silver dress that looked very familiar 

It's been a tough year for Princess Beatrice who split from her partner of 10 years Dave Clark, but she's no doubt looking forward to the festive season with family 

Also in attendance was Princess Beatrice, who gave a cheerful wave to the crowds as she was driven into the palace

Yet another Range Rover pulled up outside the palace gates, this one carrying Princess Eugenie 

Princess Eugenie was no doubt looking forward to catching up with her cousins at the annual family event

Семья принца Майкла Кентского

Princess Michael of Kent looked glamorous in a fur trimmed coat as she prepared to join the Queen

Лорд и леди Фредерик Виндзор

Принцесса Александра Кентская с сыном Джеймсом Огилви

Сара Чатто

Known for her down-to-earth nature, the Queen's beloved niece Lady Sarah Chatto, daughter of her late sister Princess Margaret, drove herself to the event 

Леди Хелен Тейлор с мужем Тимоти

Lady Helen Taylor the Queen's first cousin once removed arriving for the family get together

Леди Амелия Виндзор

Lady Amelia Windsor looked chic in a black and white check coat, showing off her more edgy side with multiple ear piercings 

Лорд Николас Виндзор

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