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Принц Чарльз посетил хоспис "Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court"

Сегодня принц Уэльский посетил хоспис "Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice" в Челтенхэме, который празднует 30-летие официального покровительства принцем Чарльзом.

Его Королевское Высочество пообщался с пациентами и принял участие в изготовлении новогодних украшений.

Принц даже проколол свой палец иголкой

The Prince of Wales was all smiles as he helped make Christmas decorations during a visit to the Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice

The royal seemed particularly pleased with his first attempt at felt making and showed off his design to a volunteer

Prince Charles, 68, was happy to join in the craft making session sitting down at a table surrounded by fabric

Prince Charles looks down at his finger after pricking it with a pin, he laughs off the momentary pain

Charles was pleased with his decorating efforts as he helped to celebrate 30 years of royal patronage at the hospice 

Prince Charles looks inside a Christmas cracker to see what presents there are after pulling it open with a volunteer

The Prince of Wales pulls a Christmas cracker with Barbara Stacey who was looking very festive in a sparkly jumper

Tug of war! The Prince and volunteer Andrew Kemp grip tightly on to the cracker to see who would be victorious

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