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Уильям и Кэтрин с детьми посетили службу в Беркшире

Сегодня утром герцог и герцогиня Кембриджские с детьми принцем Джорджем и принцессой Шарлоттой посетили Рождественскую службу в церкви Святого Марка в Энглфилде.

Напомним, что Уильям и Кэтрин празднуют Рождество в компании семьи Кэтрин.

An inquisitive young George gazes around at his surroundings

Prince George

William and Kate, Prince George and Princess Charlotte and Kate's brother and sister, Pippa and James with Carol and Michael Middleton

Royals arrive at church 

Prince William, Kate, Prince George, Princess Charlotte

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George and Princess Charlotte arrive to attend the morning Christmas Day service at St Mark's Church

Princess Charlotte was carried in her mother's arms as they walked into the church 

The family arrive at the church

Duchess of Cambridge with Princess Charlotte

Three-year-old Prince George was given a candy cane as his father thanked the Reverend - but the youngster looked less than impressed

Prince George was happily eating his candy cane, possibly gifted to him by the church congregation 

Prince George enjoyed a candy cane after church

As he took part in the service in Berkshire, Prince William's grandmother was absent from her mass in Sandringham due to illness

Prince George - wearing his trademark knee-length socks and smart shoes - made funny faces at photographers outside the church 

Holding onto her one-year-old daughter, and with her father Michael Middleton at her side, Kate shook hands with the Reverend

While Carole and Michael Middleton thanked the Reverend, Kate and Princess Charlotte were distracted by something on the ground

Princess Charlotte was in a playful spirit as she tried to place her candy cane in the ground 

Princess Charlotte held on to her candy cane

Prince George

Pippa Middleton, James Matthews and Michael Middleton: The Duchess of Cambridge's sister is set to walk down the aisle at the same church in May next year 

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