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Королевская семья посетила утреннюю службу в Сандрингеме

Сегодня рано утром члены британской королевской семьи посетили утреннюю Рождественскую службу в Сандрингеме.

Prince Charles, The Duchess of Cornwall and the Duke of Edinburgh attend the early Christmas Day Service

The Duke of Edinburgh, pictured just behind the Duchess of Cornwall, has been struck down with a heavy cold this week 

Prince Harry, his cousin Princess Eugenie and Princess Anne's daughter-in-law Autumn Phillips head to the service

Princess Eugenie seemed to be in high spirits as she chatted animatedly to Princess Anne's daughter-in-law Autumn Phillips and Prince Harry walked alongside them 

The Earl of Wessex, Lady Louise Windsor and the Countess of Wessex appeared to be embracing the festive spirit en route to the church 

Anne, Princess Royal

Prince Philip, 95, walking back to Sandringham House: This is the first time in nearly 30 years his wife, the 90-year-old Monarch, has missed the service St Mary Magdalene Church

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