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Королева Максима открыла конференцию G20 в Германии

Во второй половине дня, 25 января, королева Максима в качестве представителя ООН по вопросам инклюзивного финансирования посетила финансовую конференцию стран Большой двадцатки в Висбадене, Германия.

Maxima, who is Special Advocate for the United Nations, spoke about how technology can be used to make banking and financial services more accessible to the disadvantaged

The royal was sat next to Dutch Klaas Knot, President of the Nederlands Bank, left, and Jens Weidmann, President of the German Bundesbank, right, during the conference

Stylish royal: Maxima added a touch of glamour to her otherwise simple ensemble, with a pair of diamond hoop earrings and oversized beaded bracelet

The royal appeared to have run into some technical difficulties as she attempted to get the iPad's translator function to work during the conference

How does this work again? Maxima was seen giggling as she attempted to get to grips with an iPad alongside German Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann, right

Back to back: Argentinian-born Maxima is halfway through a busy week of royal duties, with today marking her third engagement in three days

The conference, organised by the Deutsche Bundesbank and the Federal Ministry of Finance, focused on digitising finance, financial inclusion and financial literacy 

The Dutch royal pted for businesslike attire as she opened the conference in Wiesbaden, Germany, but added a feminine touch with diamond hoop earrings and jewellery

Queen Maxima wore a collarless black jacket over a navy and taupe striped dress at the G20 conference at Biebrich Palace on Wednesday as she delivered the opening speech

Maxima appeared to be in her element as she took to the stage to give a talk about financial inclusion

Maxima, 45, is married to King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands

Maxima joined over 180 G20 delegates, academics, experts and representatives of the private sector meet to discuss opportunities and risks of the digitalisation of the financial sector

The royal speaks to guests including German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble (seated) following her opening speech at the conference at Biebrich Palace on Wednesday

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