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Графиня Уэссекская в Суррее 20 апреля 2017 года

20 апреля графиня Софи посетила два мероприятия в графстве Суррей: открытие образовательного центра Фонда дикой природы Суррея, который занимается охраной всех форм дикой природы в Суррее, в школе "Nower Wood" в Лезерхеде и посетила школу "Ridgeway Community School" в Фарнеме, в которой учатся дети, страдающие аутизмом.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex was forced to walk through grassy woodland in stiletto heels

Sophie may have wished she'd swapped her heels for trainers as she walked through woodland

The caring royal even lent down to give one visitor a hug during her tour of new centre

Sophie chats to staff and youngsters as she explores the new £1.1million education centre

The royal peers into a bug viewer to take a look at an insect during her visit to the centre

The stylish countess looked to be enjoying her visit as she chatted to local youngsters

The royal grins as she inspects a 'bug hotel', an environment for insects to live in

The royal proved she's a natural with children as she chats to local youngsters in Surrey

Mother-of-two Sophie joined a youngster from a nearby school during her visit to Surrey

The Countess posed for a photograph in front of the newly-unveiled wooden plaque

The glamorous royal wore a pink tweed skirt, cropped white blazer and a tan leather clutch

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