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Виндзорский замок готов к Рождеству
В зале Святого Георгия Виндзорского замка установлена 20-футовая ель из Большого Виндзорского парка.
As is tradition a 20ft Nordmann Fir tree has been erected in the St George's hall of Windsor Castle 

This year's tree has taken a gold theme, a more traditional theme compared to last year's that was decorated with Chinese lanterns 

The tree features dozens of gold pine cones and even several miniature crowns in celebration of the monarch 
В Государственной столовой тоже всё готово.

It isn't just the hallway that has received a seasonal makeover with the State Dining Room decked out in festive finery

The table in the dining room is set with silver-gilt pieces from the spectacular Grand Service, commissioned by George IV and still used today
В Багровой гостиной была установлена ёлка высотой 15 футов.
A  15ft Christmas tree has been erected in the spectacular Crimson Drawing Room, at Windsor Castle, decorated in entirely red baubles to reflect the room
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