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Вчера графиня Уэссекская посетила женскую тюрьму Downview в районе Саттон на юго-западе Лондона

The Countess of Wessex visited HMP Downview in Sutton, south-west London, today
В тюрьме Софи посетила швейную мастерскую, Софи пообщалась с заключёнными и выслушала их рассказы.

The Countess was also given a tour of part of the facility, which reopened last year

Sophie meets with women working on sewing projects in the workshop at the prison 

She smiles as she meets with inmates to talk to them about the work that they do

Sophie talks with a female inmate who is using a sewing machine to make a garment

Sophie kept her winter coat on for the whole trip, but added a pair of delicate drop earrings 
На Софи пальто Armani Collezioni
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