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Уильям и Кейт посетили Глобальный детский медиа-саммит в Солфорде близ Манчестера

The Duchess opted for an L.K. Bennett coat and it may have been inspired by someone in the family circle
Герцог и герцогиня посетили офис ВВС Bridge House, поговорили со школьниками. Отвечая на вопрос детей о планах на Рождество, принц Уильям сказал: "Я сходил на рождественскую сценку моего мальчика. Это было забавно. Он был овцой". Пара встретилась с генеральным директором ВВС Тони Холлом, главным консультантом ВВС Спорт Нейлом Ландом и директором BBC Children's Алисой Вебб.
Pregnant Kate looked fresh-faced and glowing, after attending The Queen's Diplomatic Reception last night 

At one point she placed a protective hand on her bump as she made her way into the event

The Duke and Duchess met schoolchildren as well as some favourite TV characters during a walkabout 

Peppa Pig meets royalty! The Duchess looked cheerful as she greeted local school children at the Global Media Summit in Manchester 

The Duchess shakes hands with a young wellwisher as she arrives at the Children's Global Media Summit

The pregnant mother-of-two looked in great spirits as she greeted young wellwishers in Manchester

She's in the second trimester with her third child and the Duchess certainly looks glowing after overcoming the severe morning sickness she suffered at the start of her pregnancy

The Duchess of Cambridge looked animated as she chatted to school children during a 'Stepping Out' session at the BBC 

Kate takes part in a feedback session with young children from The Friars Primary School, who speak about mental health and how it affects them to help inform TV programming

The Duke of Cambridge learned more about children's views on mental health issues during a 'Stepping Out' session 

The Duke & Duchess take part in a Q&A with a young person - Josh, who featured in a Newsround special telling his story of his mental health challenges

The couple made their first stop at the BBC Children’s department to learn more about interactive workshops called “Stepping Out” sessions.
На Кейт пальто L.K. Bennett, 495 фунтов:
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