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Принц Чарльз посетил ликёро-водочный завод в Уилтшире и пообщался со школьниками

The royal was also given a tour of the distillery where he could be seen admiring the machinery used to produce the spirits 
В эту пятницу принц Чарльз посетил ликёро-водочный завод Ramsbury в графстве Уилтшир в юго-западной Англии. Там он смог продегустировать джин и водку.

The Prince of Wales could be seen sampling the bespoke gin and vodka produced on the Ramsbury Estate The prince could be seen taking a great interest in the spirits
А позднее принц встретился со школьниками местной школы.
Following his boozy morning Charles headed to a local school where he met pupils who came out in their droves to welcome the royal

The lines of children could be seen clutching Union Jacks much to the royal's amusement

Charles could be seen getting stuck in with gardening project being undertaken by the school children

The children were all keen to show their gardening creations off to the prince 
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школьники учили принца пить водку и джин