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Мероприятия королевской четы Испании за 18 декабря
18 декабря королева присутствовала на церемонии награждения учителей в Мадриде.

The Spanish royal was at the Accion Magistral Prize awards ceremony It aims to recognise the work of teachers, particularly when it comes to promoting social value
Позднее она и Фелипе приняли президента Эквадора с женой.
Later in the day, Letizia joined husband King Felipe to welcome Ecuador's President Lenin Moreno and his wife Rocio Gonzalez

Felipe, 49, was seen sharing a joke with the Ecuadorian leader as they posed for pictures 

The royal was seen speaking to the Ecuadorian leader during  a lunch at the Royal Palace  

President Moreno, pictured fourth from left, and his wife are on an offical visit to Spain
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