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Сегодня утром принц Гарри посетил эфир на Радио 4

Принц был в эфире с 6 до 9 утра. Он затронул разные темы: технологии, насилие среди молодёжи, вооружённые силы, психическое здоровье и другие. Гарри сказал в эфире, что Рождество в Сандрингеме было фантастическим. "Нам было очень весело быть с моим братом и невесткой и бегать с детьми". Гарри уклонился от ответа на вопрос, приглашён ли Обама на его свадьбу.
Prince Harry (pictured on the Today programme) described his Christmas He said that Christmas was 'fantastic'

The 33-year-old was guest editing the Radio 4 Today programme and was asked about how he celebrated Christmas with his family 

Prince Harry today told Radio 4 listeners that his fiancee had a 'fantastic' Christmas with the Royals and said it is the 'family she never had'

Prince Harry was editing the show on Wednesday He was later asked about his Christmas

Prince Harry started his guest editing session on Radio 4 Today programme by playing a Grime song by a charity

The Prince spoke with heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua who was also interviewed on the show 
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