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Принц Чарльз посетил Линкольншир
Сначала принц посетил фермерский рынок Louth Livestock, который был открыт в рамках программы принца по поддержке фермерства.
The Prince of Wales appeared highly amused, beaming from ear to ear as he entered the pen

Prince Charles joined a group of cattle in their pen as he visited the Louth Livestock Market in Lincolnshire 

He delivered a short speech as he opened The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme

The project, launched by the royal in 2016, isa network designed to help farmers improve their businesses and make them more sustainable

In light of the chilly weather Charles wrapped up warm in a thick coat as he performed his engagement on Monday 
Затем принц посетил Свято-Троицкую церковь, как патрон траста линкольнширских церквей.
Charles enjoyed a cup of tea as he talked to members of the congregation at the church 

The Prince of Wales was seen admiring the 15th century church He met with members of the congregation

Charles was seen speaking to a group of school children at the Holy Trinity Church 
Чарльз позвонил в колокол.
The Prince of Wales also tried a spot of bell-ringing during a trip to The Holy Trinity Church He visited the church as part of his role as the Patron of the Lincolnshire Churches Trust

The royal looked in high spirits during the visit He tried out a spot of bell ringing during his visit to the church today
А потом Чарльз посетил организацию Freshtime UK, которая поставляет овощи в супермаркеты. Чарльз понюхал морковку и даже разломал её, чтобы проверить качество.
Prince Charles was seen giving a purple carrot a very close inspection during a visit to Freshtime UK in Boston, Lincolnshire on Monday 

He later broke the root vegetable in half to be sure to get a good whiff of the carrot at the company who supply produce to the UK's leading supermarkets
Чарльз с фанаткой на бостонской улице:
One plucky fan gave the prince a kiss as he arrived at Age UK on Boston high street 

Также принц посетил замок Таттершолл, который принадлежит Национальному фонду, принц является президентом Национального фонда.
While in the town the royal also visited Tattershall Castle in capacity with his role as President of the National Trust
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