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Принц Эдвард поиграл в "настоящий теннис" на старинном корте в Ла-Бастид-Клеранс, юго-запад Франции

Edward will be participating in three days of play, and opened the first match in the oldest trinquete, an indoor court, in the World (seen meeting officials)
Принц принял участие в турнире, который будет проходить три дня в местечке Ла-Бастид-Клеранс на юго-западе Франции. Игры проходят на крытом корте 1511 года. "Настоящий" теннис, называют теннис с изогнутыми ракетками, говорят, принц поклонник этой игры.
Subsequently he will play other games in the trinquets of different cities of the South West of France, and discover typical meals of the French gastronomy

Dressed put on a bright display in white shorts and a t-shirt as he played an energetic match of doubles

Prince Edward looked in good spirits as he played a game of tennis in La Bastide Clairence, southwestern France, on Monday

The Earl of Wessex, 54, played an exhibition match of 'real tennis', the original racket sport from which the modern game of tennis is derived

Edward is said to be a big fan of the real tennis, which is played with curved rackets in an indoor court with a sloping roof

The court was built in 1511 in the Basque Country at La Bastide-Clairence, a small typical French village near the Spanish border

Henry VIII was also said to be passionate about it, but there are only 43 surviving real tennis courts in the entire world
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