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Король и королева Бельгии посетили провинцию Лимбург

Queen Mathilde of Belgium opted for flat shoes on Thursday as she decided to cycle to Heusden-Zolder as part of a royal visit to the Limburg province with husband King Phillipe
Там Их Величества прокатились на велосипедах и посетили инновационный центр велосипедной промышленности Bike Valley.
They went onto visit Bike Valley, an innovation centre for the bicycle industry and the Ridley bicycle

Later on Mathilde swapped her flats for pointy heeled pumps and a matching clutch

The 45-year-old royal was joined by husband King Phillipe, 58, for the engagement, before they sampled local delicacies

Later on they greeted crowds of children during a visit to the picturesque Heusden-Zolder city hall

Dressed in an elegant burnt orange blouse with a keyhole neckline, Mathilde teamed it with a floral pencil skirt and red flat shoes

Queen Mathilde has been married to King Phillipe of Belgium for 19 years, who ascended the throne following the abdication of his father, King Albert II, on 21 July 2013
Также пара посетила музей добычи угля.
The busy couple then went onto visit the Luchtfabriek coal mining museum in Heusden-Zolder
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