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Королева Летиция посетила журналистский семинар в Ла-Риохе на севере Испании

Those taking part in the seminar posed for a commemorative photo to mark 13 years of the event

The former new anchor looked engaged as she spoke with officials ahead of the journalism seminar in Millan de la Cogolla in La Rioja The queen spoke passionately to an official ahead of the lecture

Letizia was met by a group of school children also set to attend today's seminar, and the cheerful group posed for a photo

She showcased her maternal instincts, shaking hands with the youngsters outside the monastery where the seminar was held 

The royal hosted the seminar this afternoon with Spanish journalist Soledad Gallego- Díaz delivering the inaugural lecture

Queen Letizia reported on international news events during her journalism career, including reporting from New York in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks
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