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Визит королевы Максимы в Индию, день 3-й завершающий

Maxima looked sensational in a blue midi dress that no dounbt kept her cool int the stifling heat
В третий день своего визита в Мумбаи королева встретилась с работниками службы доставки домашних ланчей в офисы.
Luckily she seemed to take the near miss in her stride and giggled for the cameras afterwards

She avoided a collision with with the delivery men - locally dubbed the Dabbawallas - who deliver homemade lunches to offices in Mumbai

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, 47, had to duck to avoid getting hit by delivery men in Mumbai on Wednesday

The delivery men, who were dressed in their uniforms, appeared thrilled to get a visit from the Dutch royal

Maxima posed for pictures holding up the metal canisters that contain the lunches

Maxima also carried a small black clutch bag for the final engagement of the trip

On her feet Maxima wore a sky high pair of blue platform heels with a peep toe The shoes revealed just a flash of red nail polish

She advises the Secretary-General, and works worldwide to make financial services accessible to all, including low-income groups

Maxima is also an Honorary Patron of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion

Maxima shook hands with the local delivery men as crowds gathered to get a peek at her

She wore a pair of delicate blue earrings and large necklace made up of blue beads and chunky pearls

Maxima looked animated as she stopped to speak with the delivery men at the event Maxima looked animated as she stopped to speak with the delivery men at the event

She undertook the trip as part of her role asUnited Nations Secretary-General's Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development

The visit was the last day of her three-day trip to Indian as part of her work with the United Nations

Later on she spoke to the press and looked engaged as she spoke about her visit to India
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