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Вчера король и королева Испании посетили похороны бывшего министра иностранных дел

Queen Letizia of Spain and her husband King Felipe donned all black today to pay her respects at the funeral of former Spanish minister José Pedro Pérez-Llorca
José Pedro Pérez-Llorca занимал пост министра иностранных дел Испании с 1980 по 1982 год, он умер 6 марта в возрасте 78-ми лет.

The stylish queen joined her husband at the San Jeronimo Church in Madrid to celebrate the life of Pérez-Llorca

Letizia, the eldest daughter of Jesus Alvarez, a journalist, and his first wife Maria Rodriguez, a nurse, made her way into church

Отпевание прошло в церкви Св.Иеронима в Мадриде.
Королевская чета приветствует вдову покойного.
The couple paid their respects to Pérez-Llorca's widow at the sombre occasion

Queen Letizia gave Pérez-Llorca's widow a comforting hug and kiss on the cheek. The former minister passed away on March 6 after suffering lung disease

The royal couple looked solemn at the service at the San Jeronimo Church in Madrid

Dressed in a long black belted coat and stilletto heels, the 46-year-old wore her silky brunette lock down and kept her make-up to a respectable minimum
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