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Вчера утром принц Уэльский посетил пивоварню St Austell в Корнуолле

The royal, pictured, toured the facilities and spoke about his Pub Is The Hub initiative before showing his pint pulling skills to guests at the brewery which was founded in 1851
Принц продегустировал эль.
Prince Charles, 70, pulled himself a pint during a visit to St Austell brewery in Cornwall today

Prince Charles, pictured, appeared to enjoy the pint of Tribute ale that he poured for himself

During the visit Charles, right, met barley farmers who explained how the brewing process worked

Prince Charles, pictured, met with suppliers during his visit to the brewery which makes beers such as Tribute and Proper Job

Prince Charles, pictured today, had visited the brewery in 2011 and said he was impressed with how much it had grown since then

Prince Charles was greeted by school children and locals during the visit to Cornwall today
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