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Вчера Уэссексы катались на лошадях в Виндзоре

Edward rolled up his checkered shirt's sleeves and didn't bother with a coat for the family riding trip
Эдвард с дочерью катались верхом, а Софи управляла повозкой.
Prince Edward and his daughter Lady Louise cantered through the 5,000-acre estate yesterday afternoon

Lady Louise was dressed strikingly similar to her father as she also wore a short-sleeved pink shirt, dark trousers and a helmet

The trio trotted to the gorgeous backdrop of the Windsor estate in the stunning conditions

Sophie Countess of Wessex is pulled along by a horse through the grounds of Windsor Castle

The Countess cut a chic figure in denim jeans, a blue coat and sun-shielding brown hat while grasping a whip

Sophie Countess of Wessex preferred to enjoy the weather from the comfort of a sleek leather carriage rather than join her husband and daughter on horseback
Tags: Британия - Граф Уэссекский, Британия - Графиня Уэссекская, Британия - Леди Луиза Маунтбеттен-Виндзо, Британская королевская семья

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