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Королева, Филипп, Эдвард и Софи с детьми в Виндзорском парке сегодня

The Queen, who turned 93 yesterday, rode her horse western style, while being accompanied by a courtier
Королева сегодня каталась верхом.
Принц Филипп - в повозке.
Prince Philip, 97, rode in a carriage and was accompanied by two female members of staff as two black horses led the way

Верхом также катались Эдвард с дочерью.
Louise, 15, joined her father Edward, 55, and her grandparents, The Queen and Prince Philip, for a spot of horse riding in the castle grounds

А вот Софи с сыном просто отдыхали в парке в компании двух своих собак.
Sophie, 54, who dressed down in grey jeans and a patterned shirt, joined James, 11, while Louise and Edward rode horses

Sophie appeared to drive to the castle and let the family's dogs out from the car to run around the grounds

Sporty Sophie pinned her blonde hair back and sheltered her eyes from the sun in a pair of dark shades as she chased around the family's pets - including a glossy black labrador

James, who teamed his camo look with Hunter wellington boots, followed in his mother's footsteps by throwing a tennis ball back and forth for the dogs
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