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О возможном переезде Сассексов в Африку

Позавчера в Таймс вышла статья о том, что планируется временный переезд герцогов Сассекских в Африку.

Британский принц Гарри и его супруга Меган Маркл могут переехать в Африку вскоре после появления на свет своего первого ребенка, рождение которого ожидается в ближайшие недели. Об этом в воскресенье сообщает газета The Sunday Times со ссылкой на источник в Букингемском дворце.

"Обсуждения находятся на ранней стадии, но план состоит в том, чтобы найти новый способ выражения мягкой власти принца Гарри и Меган Маркл, наиболее вероятно в Африке", - указал источник. Согласно его информации, во дворце разработали проект, по которому герцогу и герцогине Сассекским будет поручена международная работа, соединяющая в себе благотворительность и представление монархии за рубежом.

Автором инициативы выступил британский дипломат и специальный советник братьев Уильяма и Гарри по конституционным и международным вопросам Дэвид Мэннинг, отмечает издание.

Окончательное решение о переезде супружеской пары будет принято не ранее 2020 года.

[Оригинал статьи Таймс]Inside the rift between Harry and Meghan and the future king and queen

Courtiers are concerned by the gulf between Harry and Meghan’s modern ways and those of the future king and queen. Would a spell abroad for the Sussexes suit William and Kate?

Tim Shipman

April 21 2019, 12:01am, The Sunday Times

The suggestion was delivered with a languor that belied its radicalism: “It wouldn’t surprise me if Harry and Meghan moved abroad.” The location was a restaurant in Soho clubland, in London, with plates of slow-cooked venison, lamb neck, flatbread and hispi cabbage gradually emptying. The speaker was a close confidant of the Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex, two of the most recognisable young men in the world and best known by their first names, William and Harry.

It was early April, a month after the brothers had ended their joint court at Kensington Palace and divided their offices. For months Harry and his bride had been central to media coverage of the royals as the former actress Meghan Markle completed her transformation into the Duchess of Sussex.

Increasingly, Harry and Meghan were also at the forefront of thinking by palace officials. “There have been various ideas floated for them to take on a job abroad, such as governor-general of Australia or Canada, wherever,” the source said. These ideas were rejected. Senior royals, after all, are not civil servants. But what emerged from the discussions is potentially more interesting and could see Harry and Meghan set up home in Africa.

If the idea seems at first sight unlikely, the conversations in the royal household that gave rise to it have been confirmed by others close to the princes. Hailed since their mother’s death more than 20 years ago as the saviours of the monarchy, William and Harry bonded by growing up amid febrile publicity, brothers in arms united against the stuffed waistcoats and breeches of the palace establishment and an antidote to the older generation of royals who too often mired the monarchy in personal controversies of their own creation.

What has prompted serious questions about whether the Sussexes might leave Britain for a while? The origins lie in that separation of the two offices, a move — more than half-a-dozen sources attest — driven by a recognition that the two men will have very different constitutional roles in the future and the growing personal differences of approach between them and their wives.

What is more, insiders say, the institutional separation has cemented some of those personal differences to a degree that has led certain courtiers — realising the next few years could shape the future of the monarchy for decades to come — to conclude they need a new plan.

“William is embracing the idea, which he has been very slow to do, that he is going to be king and Prince of Wales,” said one source with connections at the highest levels of the palace.

In this the Duke of Cambridge has been encouraged by his private secretary, Simon Case, who previously served as principal private secretary to David Cameron and Theresa May. Allies say he believed that a period of separation between the two brothers would help them to define themselves better and also improve relations between them.

Setting up a separate office was an acknowledgment that William will be king and Harry will not and, to a degree, a means of reassuring William that his is the constitutionally important role, whatever the public esteem in which Harry and Meghan are held. “People are telling William, ‘Don’t worry. Your influence will grow and Harry’s will fade,’” a source said. “This is peak Harry.”

After a year in which Harry and Meghan have hardly been off the front pages, it would be natural for William and Kate to feel somewhat overshadowed. It was not long after the office split that the tabloids started reporting that Kate and Meghan did not see eye to eye. They were “very different people”, one report suggested.

“It’s a bit sad really,” said someone who knows both princes. “The wives don’t get on. The brothers have fallen out.”

If the departure of Harry and Meghan from Kensington Palace to Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor estate made constitutional and personal sense, it also relieved some courtiers who had grown frustrated by the determination of the Sussexes to do things their way, not the old way.

To the outside world Harry was deeply in love with his bride and devoted to her needs. To some palace grandees, used to things being done a certain way, he was “in thrall” to Meghan. One insider said: “She’s in total charge; he does everything she wants.”

Courtiers were quick to brief the papers that Harry had snapped at staff before the wedding — “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets” — and that the Queen had called him in for a dressing-down. “Only the Queen can exercise any control over William or Harry,” a source said. “The father can’t and there is no mum.”

A number of those preparing William for the throne share this view and have openly told friends that Meghan is “a nightmare”. Friends of Harry think this deeply unfair and see it as evidence that some people have not moved on from the attitudes of the abdication crisis of 1936 when the Establishment failed to accommodate another divorced American woman, Wallis Simpson.

“They obviously don’t like Meghan and find her difficult,” said a sympathiser. “Harry thinks the world is against him, but he will certainly stand by her.”

This sense of embattlement has been entrenched by William’s decision to reach out to senior figures in the media as he prepares for kingship and by the apparent decision of those same newspapers to side with the palace over Meghan and Harry by peddling the most negative coverage of the duchess’s relationship with her father, Thomas Markle. “Harry sees that as part of the headwinds against him,” a friend said.

In this context moving to Frogmore has been as much an exile as an escape. “Meghan and Harry feel they have been cut adrift,” one ally said.

None of which has dented the couple’s popular support or their desire to pursue the schemes they care about. Recently Harry announced plans to make a documentary series about mental health with the US broadcaster Oprah Winfrey, building on his projects with the Heads Together campaign in Britain and his work with disabled athletes.

Before her marriage Meghan was a global ambassador for the children’s charity World Vision. Old footage of her helping young people in India was released only last week.

Allies say this global crusading was a key element in their romance. “There are two Harrys,” said one. “One hangs out with honking Sloanes and goes to shooting weekends. The other is the young campaigner with Coldplay, Ed Sheeran and everyone else who matters on speed dial, who sets up the Invictus Games and runs international campaigns. That was the one Meghan was interested in. She is interested in being a global humanitarian in the Angelina Jolie mould.”

To palace officials wondering how to handle the couple there was another figure who looms large when you think of young women using a royal platform for global charitable crusading: Harry’s own mother. “The danger to them is that Meghan is going to be bigger than Diana,” said one source.

The fear of these people — and of some of Harry’s friends — is that the couple will not happily remain for ever as the undercard of the princes’ double act. “More and more friends are worried that they’ll just get on a plane and live in LA and never come back,” said one friend.

The couple’s first big appointment was that of Sara Latham, a PR expert who previously worked for the Clintons and the Obamas. She started her new job last week. “Sara Latham is American,” said a royal watcher. “The one big media play that Meghan has made was with People magazine in the US. That looks to me like someone who cares most how she is seen in America.”

Latham did not oversee the People article, in which Meghan’s old friends defended her, but she was involved in the link-up with Winfrey.

Some members of the royal family, no fans of Meghan, have even speculated that she might one day run for president of the United States herself.

The fear that Harry and Meghan might seek a new arena revived discussions about offering the couple an opportunity overseas. The benevolent explanation is that — in a year or so — the Sussexes, with a young family, might value a period away. Courtiers framed this as the opportunity for a “Malta moment”, echoing the time the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh spent on the island between 1949 and 1951 while Prince Philip was posted there with the Royal Navy.

The less palatable view, held by some, is that this would get the Sussexes out of the way. “In some ways it would suit William to get his brother out of the country for a few years and Meghan as far away as possible,” said one friend of the brothers.

Sending the couple to Canada was “mooted, then booted” given that Meghan spent seven years living there and for some it was “too close to the US” and the inevitable tabloid magazine coverage that would ensue. Making Harry governor-general of Australia was discussed and dismissed. The problems were obvious. “The trouble is that you effectively set them up as king and queen of a whole separate country,” according to one source. “And 24-hour media means that Australia is not as far away as it used to be.”

Insiders knew something was needed to keep the couple’s interest. “The problem with these two is that they want to do, rather than to be,” said a source relaying the views of palace officials.

“They do not like doing the more formal routine stuff — the fairs and fetes. They’ve put noses out of joint because a lot of traditional charities that Prince Philip has stopped doing, the princes — and William in particular — have said no to taking [them] up.”

Conversations at the palace and in government, which appear to have taken place entirely independently, are now focused on how to devise a bespoke “soft power” role for the couple.

“People have moved from containment to harnessing Harry and Meghan. There’s been a reset,” a source said.

“They sent them down to Frogmore to try to keep them out of the limelight for a bit. This is doomed to fail. They are worried that Harry and Meghan are going to establish a totally separate enterprise that nobody can get under control.

“There are discussions in palace circles about how do we harness Harry and Meghan and this tremendous global attention they get. How do we draw them back, because laying down the law and ticking them off doesn’t work at all.”

One idea, which appealed to ministers, would be to give Harry and Meghan a role as trade envoys, following in the footsteps of the Duke of York, who performed that role until 2011. A senior government official said: “The best trade envoys are energetic and care about trade, so that is two ticks.”

For the royal family this approach is too limiting. Instead, the palace brains trust has been working up plans for a role for the couple, probably in Africa, where Harry has longstanding interests and which he refers to as his “second home”.

He spent some of his gap year in 2004 in Lesotho and two years later founded a charity, Sentebale, with the country’s Prince Seeiso. He and Meghan fell in love on a trip to Botswana and are reported to have honeymooned in east Africa.

The new post is expected to combine some charity work, an element of promoting the Commonwealth and some work on behalf of the UK.

Harry is already president and Meghan vice-president of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust which is chaired by Lord Geidt, former private secretary to the Queen. He has been helping to plot a role for the princes alongside Sir David Manning, the former British ambassador to the US who advises them on constitutional and international affairs.

Senior courtiers say the role would have to be broad enough to appeal to Harry and Meghan while capitalising on their “rock star” status in a way that is attractive to the host country.

Nothing is set in stone. No one has yet decided who would pay for the African enterprise or how the couple’s security would be organised. The host country and other Commonwealth nations would have to approve. But what everyone seems to have realised is that the project is a way of managing the swirling relationships between the royal brothers, their wives, their father and the palace officials in a way that is needed.

It is something that has not gone unnoticed by MPs. One senior Tory said: “The death of the Queen, whenever it is, will be a moment of massive public mourning. Most people can’t imagine singing God Save the King. It will create two or three years of gentle national psychological confusion.

“The same happened when Queen Victoria died. If the royals are then found to fail, I think the whole thing could come crashing down remarkably quickly.”

Информация взята с сайта ТАСС

Дворец эту информацию не опроверг и даже косвенно подтвердил.

Букингемский дворец не отрицает информацию о том, что обсуждается вопрос об отправке Гарри и Меган в Африку, как способ приумножить их привлекательность для молодёжи Содружества - и дистанцировать их ещё больше от Кембриджей.

Букингемский дворец: «На данном этапе любые планы на будущее для герцога и герцогини Сассекских являются гипотетическими. Никакого решения об их роли в будущем не принято. Герцог продолжит свою роль в качестве посла для молодёжи Содружества».
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