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В понедельник виконт Джеймс управлял машиной в Виндзоре, графиня Софи сидела рядом

James Viscount Severn was spotted taking the family Land Rover for a spin around the grounds of Windsor Castle On Monday
Ранее в этот день Уэссексы отдыхали в Виндзоре. Напомню, это не первый случай, когда Джеймс водит машину, год назад он также водил внедорожник на территории Виндзора.
The 11-year-old son of Prince Edward is pictured as he drove around the grounds, with his mother Sophie, Countess of Wessex in the passenger seat

James Viscount Severn drove the vehicle in the private grounds during a weekend in Windsor, where the Wessex family enjoyed some quality time together during the sunny bank holiday. The law states that people can drive on private land at any age
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