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26 апреля Сара была замечена на выходе из ресторана Scott в лондонском районе Мейфэр

Elegant: Sarah Ferguson, 59, oozed sophistication in an emerald dress as she held hands with Heather Kerzner on Friday after enjoying lavish dinner at Scott's
Сару сопровождала её подруга Хизер Керцнер.

Good together: Sarah dressed down her dinner attire with a pair of shiny mules which she matched with a smart black handbag, packed with her essentials

У герцогини в машине по-прежнему прикреплена записка от дочерей: "Я люблю тебя, мама".
Home time! She enjoyed a ladies' night after she was forced to deny rumours she had got back with Prince Andrew following claims they were 'virtually inseparable' on a holiday
Tags: Британия Сара Герцогиня Йоркская, Британская королевская семья
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