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Королева Максима посетила благотворительную организацию Make-A-Wish в Хилверсуме, Северная Голландия

Queen Maxima, 47, looked radiant in yellow as she visited Make-A-Wish in Hilversum, The Netherlands on Wednesday
Визит был приурочен к 30-летию организации. Make-A-Wish - детская благотворительная организация, которая исполняет желания больных детей в возрасте от 3 до 18 лет.

Queen Maixma of the Netherlands was all smiles as she shook hands with the founders of the children's charity and thanked them for the work they do

Королева Максима с персоналом организации
The engagement was to mark their 30th anniversary of the charity - which fulfills wishes for ill children aged between 3 and 18. Pictured, Queen Maxima posed alongside members of staff

Maxima could be seen in a meeting with many of the inspirational staff who work at the children's charity
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