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Королева, а также Эндрю сегодня в Виндзоре

The Queen is pictured being driven from Windsor Castle back to Buckingham Palace today
Королева выезжала сегодня из Виндзора в Букингемский дворец. Принц Эндрю был замечен за рулём на территории поместья рядом со своим коттеджем. Неизвестно выезжал ли он, может просто решил покататься у дома.
The Prince was seen driving near his home in Windsor hours before the documentary

The Duke of York was seen driving through Windsor in his Range Rover today

In the BBC Panorama interview set to cause fresh embarrassment for the Duke tonight, Miss Roberts will repeat allegations against Andrew despite his insistence he has 'no recollection' of ever meeting her
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