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Королевская чета Бельгии устроила новогодний приём дипломатов

Queen Mathilde of Belgium, 46, looked elegant as she joined King Philippe, 59, to welcome  the heads of foreign diplomatic missions to a New Year's reception at the Royal Palace in Brussels earlier today

С послом ФРГ Мартином Коттхаусом
The Belgian Queen joined her husband to welcome the ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany Martin Kotthaus to the Royal Palace earlier today

King Philippe also dressed to impress in a sophisticated dark blue suit paired with a white dress shirt and a purple tie

Mathilde looked chic in a green satin gown with a stunning red and blue floral design as she welcomed the heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Belgium

Queen Mathilde of Belgium beamed as she greeted the ambassadors and their partners at the Royal Palace for the New Year's reception earlier today

The royal couple appeared relaxed as they greeted ambassadors at the Royal Palace alongside her husband King Phillipe

Матильда, министр иностранных дел и обороны Филипп Гоффин, министр внутренних дел и иностранной торговли Питер де Крем, министр развития сотрудничества, почты и финансов Александр де Кроо и Филипп

Та же компания и на переднем плане шеф протокола Королевского дворца Ален Герарди
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