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Мероприятия королевской четы Нидерландов 15 января

She completed her statement ensemble with dazzling blue earrings and wore her blonde locks in loose curls around her shoulders
15 января королевская чета устроила очередной новогодний приём.
The Dutch monarch, 48, appeared in high spirits as she greeted fans alongside her husband King Willem-Alexander

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands put on a stylish display as she waved to onlookers outside the Royal Place in Amsterdam today ahead of a New Year's reception

King Willem-Alexander opted for a navy blue jacket and grey, pin-striped trousers as he joined his wife outside the Royal Palace

Позднее Максима посетила кулинарное мероприятие, посвящённое 100-летию организации нидерландских скаутов. Королева является патроном нидерландских скаутов.

The Queen, who is the patron of Scouting Nederland, visited Noordwijkerhout in South Holland for the event, during which she donned an apron and took part in the messy activity

Maxima chats to two young girls as she whisks cake mixture during the 100-year celebrations

Later in the day, Maxima was seen baking cupcakes with young Cub Scouts - or 'welpen' - as they celebrated 100 years of the organisation

Maxima also sat down to speak to leaders from the organisation during her visit on Wednesday

She also posed for a photograph with some young members of the Cub Scouts, who were all dressed in their bright green uniform for the royal occasion

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