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Королева Максима посетила супермаркет в Неймегене и пообщалась с персоналом

After visiting the supermarket, Queen Maxima met with staff from a waste collection company, who explained how their work had been impacted by the crisis

The monarch had kept her impromptu visit a surprise from the store's employees, who continued working throughout the pandemic

Maxima, dressed in a stylish white pantsuit, headed to the supermarket's bread aisle to meet with employees

The Dutch monarch was curious to see how the coronavirus pandemic had impacted vital services in the country

Showcasing her usual good humour, Maxima shared a laugh during her surprise meeting with the supermarket staff

Queen Maxima appeared in high spirits as  she spoke with staff who worked in different areas of the supermarket, while observing social distancing guidelines

The monarch listened to the stories of the staff, who admitted some clients could be aggressive towards them

Maxima had paired her stylish pantsuits with a shawl of the same colour and tan accessories such as this clutch bag

Staff and Queen Maxima followed social distancing guidelines and stood several metres away from each other
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