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Леди Китти Спенсер в Италии

Princess Diana's niece jetted off to the French Riviera earlier this month and has now made her way to Italy, where she has enjoyed the views of a volcanic crater south of Rome, visited the town of Nemi and toured the Pope's summer palace. Pictured, in Nemi in a £1,750 D&G dress
Здесь она две недели назад в городе Неми, на Китти платье Дольче и Габбана за 1150 евро
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в летней папской резиденции в Кастель-Гандольфо
Sharing lavish snaps to her Instagram from the tour of the Papal Palace of Castel Gandolfo, pictured, now 83-year-old Pope Francis' summer home just outside of Rome, Lady Kitty exclaimed at how few tourists there had been. Pictured, on the tour in a £1,850 D&G dress

Lady Kitty, seen in a £1,650 D&G dress, shared this photo last week and said she was 'exploring Rome' like she'd 'never experienced it before. The socialite is seen at the city's Roman Forum

Princess Diana's niece, 29, jetted out to soak up the rays beside a Volcanic crater lake South of Rome last week (pictured) before visiting the Pope's summer home yesterday

А здесь Китти неделю назад в Ватикане
On a visit to the Vatican, pictured, in a £1,650 D&G dress, Lady Kitty said she was struck by the lack of tourists
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