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Король и королева Бельгии посетили госпитальный центр Bois de l'Abbaye в Льеже

Queen Mathilde of Belgium, 47, stunned in a vibrant green outfit as she and King Philippe, 60, visited a hospital near Liege today
Королевская чета пообщалась с персоналом и пациентами.

Queen Mathilde was introduced to hospital staff from across several departments to hear about how Covid-19 has impacted their work

Meanwhile King Philippe also took the time to speak to some of the carers in attendance at the hospital today

The stylish couple visited the Liege hospital as part of a series of visit to hospitals across the country providing Covid-19 treatment

The King and Queen of Belgium put protective equipment on in order to meet with hospital patients

Staff talked King Philippe through the care conditions at the hospital during the second wave of coronavirus

Queen Mathilde also donned the protective masks made of plastic that was handed to her by the hospital during their visit

The King and Queen left nothing to change and were asked to put on plastic face coverings, gloves and hair nets

The royal couple took all the step required in order to complete their visit of the hospital near Liege
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