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Вчера королева Максима открыла музей психиатрии в Харлеме после реконструкции

She was seen waiving to royal fans outside the museum with a stylish silver bracelet and black gloves

Queen Maxima oozed glamour in a stylish oversized hat this morning as she attended the re-opening of a national museum for psychiatry in Haarlem

The monarch examined stunning artworks as she wandered around the renovated Museum of the Spirit in Dolhuys

The museum acts as a place to discover more about the human mind, Maxima is pictured examining artwork at the re-opening

She teamed her look with a pair of statement silver teardrop earrings emblazoned with diamonds and a grey face covering

The queen wore a knee length dress featuring a stylish embroidered yellow wool skirt as she thoughtfully examining the colourful exhibitions inside

Her blonde locks were put back in an elegant low bun and the royal wore smokey brown eyeshadow with a dark eyeliner
Tags: Королевская семья Нидерландов, Нидерланды - Королева Максима

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