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Герцог Йоркский в Виндзоре утром 10 декабря

The Duke of York (pictured) is not expected to celebrate Christmas Day with his parents, as the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh have their first Christmas without any of their four children for the first time since 1949
10 декабря герцог, как обычно, приехал из своей резиденции Royal Lodge, что в трёх милях от Виндзорского замка, к замку и покатался там у замка на лошади в сопровождении женщины-грума.
The Duke of York donned a black windbreaker jacket for his early morning outing and wore a white face mask, while driving a large black car with a male companion

Prince Andrew is likely to spend Christmas with his daughters Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, their husbands and Sarah Ferguson

Prince Andrew, 60, (pictured) was spotted horse riding in the rain and fog at Windsor Castle earlier today

Accompanied by a female groom, the Duke of York appeared to be having an in-depth conversation and waved his arm in the air
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