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Вчера Сара Йоркская подравляла жителей Старого Виндзора и работников Crown Estate с Рождеством

With the bin lorry parked on the side of the road, Sarah even went for a walk with some of the binmen and was seen chatting with them
Сара разговаривала с местными жителями, работниками Crown Estate и местными мусорщиками. Сама она живёт в Виндзоре в Royal Lodge вместе с Эндрю. Герцогиня разносила торты, разговаривала с прохожими, делилась рождественской радостью.
Sarah Ferguson, 61, (pictured) was seen chatting to locals in old Windsor earlier today and spreading a little Christmas cheer ahead of the holiday season

Сара подняла большой палец вверх, когда мусоровоз уступил ей дорогу.
Thumbs up! The Duchess of York at one point gave a bin lorry driver a big thumbs up after they stopped to let her walk in front of their vehicle

Поговорила с местной женщиной.

Радавала торты.
The Duchess also helped to distribute slices of cake to people in the street, at one point holding up a red paper plate with the words 'Merry Christmas' printed on it

The Duchess was approached by a number of people during her visit to the area and she made the time to speak to those who did
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