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Королевская семья Бельгии 17 декабря

From left to right: Princess Eleonore, pictured with her brother Prince Gabriel, 17, Queen Mathilde, 47, King Philippe, 60, Princess Elisabeth, 19 and Prince Gabriel in the throne room of Brussels royal palace
Королевская семья традиционно сфотографировалась во дворце у ёлки.
Like each year, the royal family posed together in front of the palace's Nativity scene and Christmas trees

Ещё во дворце прошёл рождественский концерт, в котором приняли участие принц Эммануил и принцесса Элеонора.Позднее  концерт будет показан по телевидению.
Prince Gabriel, who is King Philippe and Queen Mathilde's youngest son, played the saxophone during the performance

Princess Eleonore of Belgium, 12, and her brother Prince Emmanuel, 15, delighted their parents by playing in this year's Royal Christmas concert, which was recorded tonight and will air on December 20
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