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Принц Эндрю был сегодня замечен за рулём в Виндзорском парке

The Duke of York's (pictured) outing comes after Jeffrey Epstein's friend French fashion agent Jean-Luc Brunel was charged with the 'rape of minors' and 'sexual harassment'
Prince Andrew (pictured left) was spotted leaving Windsor Castle today, after enjoying a horse ride around the grounds

Virginia Roberts Giuffre, an American, has told lawyers she was employed as a 'sex slave' and forced to sleep with the Duke after being trafficked to him in London at least three times when she was 17. Pictured, The Duke today

Ms Roberts Giuffre has also said she had 'sexual relations with Brunel on several occasions', between the ages of 16 and 19, according to legal papers filed in America and France. Pictured, the Duke

Both Prince Andrew (pictured in his car, left) and Brunel vehemently deny these claims, with the royal considered a key witness who both the Americans and the French want to interview in person

Wearing a mask, Prince Andrew was seen at the wheel of his large Range Rover as he made his way up The Long Walk to Windsor Castle (pictured)
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