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В воскресенье вечером Кембриджи и Уэссексы посетили рождественскую тропу Luminate в Сандрингеме

Luminate это празднично освещённая тропа в поместье королевы, открытая для публики. Из публики и нашёлся кто-то недовольный, что дескать две семьи гуляли компанией в девять человек, а не шесть, по новым правилам.

A visitor who saw the group said: 'They were clearly breaking Covid rules, in my opinion, because there were nine of them from two separate households. They were obviously all having a fun evening out. You could tell that the royal youngsters were having a great time'

Both arrived separately, with royal sources stressing there was no intention of meeting up as a party of nine. Pictured: Prince William wears a flat cap on the illuminated one-mile walk

The trail is illuminated by displays set to music with trees lit up in different colours, and flickering fairies in cages. Several signs remind walkers of the need for social distancing (stock photo)
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