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Утром 1 апреля принц Эндрю покатался на лошади у Виндзорского замка в сопровождении женщины-грума

The Duke of York, 61, who lives at the Royal Lodge just three miles away from Windsor Castle donned a white face mask as he drove through the grounds
Сначала он приехал к замку из своего коттеджа Royal Lodge, расположенного в трёх милях от замка.
The royal drove past walkers and passersby into Windsor Castle in order to go riding earlier this morning

Prince Andrew was pictured today riding a horse in Windsor as he was dragged into the US court battle engulfing Ghislaine Maxwell after she was charged with new offences linked to Jeffrey Epstein at a time when the paedophile was socialising with the royal

Putting his troubles aside, the father-of-two, wrapped up warm for the spring day sporting a blue riding jacket and helmet
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