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Леди Луиза сегодня управляла повозкой в Виндзоре

Lady Louise, 17, was spotted driving her carriage in the Dressage Arena at Windsor Castle on Wednesday, five days after her grandfather the Duke of Edinburgh's passing
Just like her grandfather and mother, Lady Louise, pictured, is an avid carriage and horse rider who has been training regularly throughout the years

A trainer directed Lady Louise, pictured, during her outing, but the teenager is already a skilled carriage driver

While Lady Louise was spotted riding her carriage, her mother Sophie Wessex was also seen leaving Windsor Castle this morning

The teenager applied herself to her training today in Windsor, pictured. She competed in the Champagne Laurent-Perrier Meet of the British Driving Society in Berkshire in May last year

Taking advantage of the sunny morning, Louise was seen training. Her mother Sophie has been a comfort to the Queen after Prince Philip's passing on Friday
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